Enkelstöten (2017) ()

Movie Info

  • Genre Comedy, Crime
  • Country Sweden
  • Rating 7.3 / 10 (50 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Sissela Kyle, Lotta Tejle, Tomas von Brömssen, Ralph Carlsson, David Wiberg
  • Description Jenny and Cecilia are two women in their 60s who live a regular middle class life in Kalmar. But when both realize that the future is anything but light for them, they decide to do something drastic, robbing a bank office in Stockholm.

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# Episode IMDb rating Subtitles count Release Date
season 1
S01E01 Episode #1.1 6.8 1
S01E02 Episode #1.2 5.8 0
S01E03 Episode #1.3 1
S01E04 Episode #1.4 0
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