Maddo buru sâti-fô (1990) ()

Maddo buru sâti-fô

Movie Info

  • Genre Action, Animation, Comedy
  • Release Date
  • Country Japan
  • Rating 6.8 / 10 (171 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Yuri Amano, Minako Arakawa, Tesshô Genda, Minoru Inaba, Kikuko Inoue, Satoko Kitô, Naoko Matsui, Kenichi Ono, Hirotaka Suzuoki, Shinpachi Tsuji, Kumiko Watanabe, Misa Watanabe, Yôsuke Naka, Masako Katsuki, Shinya Ôtaki
  • Description Rookie police officer Daizaburo "Eddie" Ban joins New York's 34th precinct, where he is partnered up with John Estes, also known as Sleepy to his friends and Mad Bull to everyone else. Mad Bull usually solves crimes using extreme violence and very unpoliceman-like behavior which always gets him in trouble with the 34th precinct and his partner. Despite Mad Bull's questionable methods for solving crime he always has a good reason for what he does, and together he and Daizaburo try to make New York a safer place for everyone.

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