Negotiator (2017) ()


Movie Info

  • Genre Drama, Romance
  • Release Date
  • Country China
  • Rating 7.5 / 10 (0 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Dan Jaffe, Michael Vincent Iannuzzi, Zach Herrington, Sunema Gibney, Joshua Gaines, Joseph Fusco, Jason Estes, Rich Dubin, James Carbonell, Chellé Brooks, Cyle Bento, Sam Bass, George Anthony
  • Description When Xiaofei, a charming yet rebellious son of an old-money Chinese family in New York falls in love with Wei, a beautiful and independent professional negotiator from a middle-class family in shanghai, little do they know that everything will be getting in their way. By overcoming many obstacles from Xiaofei's family and Wei's past, the couple's love triumphs over power and greed, and eventually lives happily after.

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