Pineapple (2017) ()


Movie Info

  • Genre Drama
  • Country United States
  • Rating 4.5 / 10 (40 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Gloria Vonn, Tyler Vickers, Bob Telford, Julia Silverman, Lucille Sharp, Brooklyn Robinson, Kel Owens, Belinda Gosbee, Ron Gilbert, Riley Rae Baker
  • Description When the assault of a coal miner's daughter turns the local mine into a crime scene, the inhabitants of Black Rock are baffled to learn that the only word uttered by the victim after the attack was "pineapple." Tensions rise as the mine's opportunistic owner uses the investigation as an excuse to shudder the dying operation indefinitely. Faced with solving the town's now-dreadful economic future, the sheriff dedicates himself to the mystery surrounding who, or what, pineapple is.

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