Silk Road (2017)

Silk Road


  • Genre Drama, Crime, Romance
  • Country Spain, Netherlands
  • Directed by Mark de Cloe
  • Writer credits Roeland Linssen, Marc Linssen, Sacha Gertsik
  • Rating 6.3 / 10 (309 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Fabiola Veerman, Fleur Voorn, Boyd Grund, Boy Ooteman, Bart Harder, Marloes van den Heuvel, Nienke van Hofslot, Majd Mardo, Ronald Top, Melody Klaver, Marcel Hensema, Phi Nguyen, Jonas Smulders, Gijs Blom, Olivia Lonsdale
  • Produced by Reinier Selen, Michiel Bartels, Brigitte Baake
  • Description When a 20-year old girl meets the charismatic boy living across the street, it starts her on the road to becoming a successful drug dealer on Silk Road. Along the way she gets caught up in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game played by police, criminals, and her own boyfriend. How far will she go? Who can she trust - and just who is using who?


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