Tombiruo (2017)



  • Genre Action, Drama
  • Country Malaysia
  • Directed by Seth Larney
  • Writer credits Ramlee Awang Murshid, Chi-Ren Choong, Yasmin Yaacob
  • Rating 8.4 / 10 (266 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Atu Zero, Marlia Musa, Faye Kusairi, Dynaz Mokhtar, M. Nasir, Farah Ahmad, Hasnul Rahmat, Faizal Hussein, Nabila Huda, Farid Kamil, Zul Ariffin
  • Produced by Yasmin Yaacob, Imillya Roslan, Zurina Mohd Ramli, Ramlee Awang Murshid, Emma Moroney, Anne Low, Sahana Kamath, Abid Kamal Che Ismail, Firdaus Hussamuddin, Arvind Ethan David, Najwa Abu Bakar, Zainir Aminullah
  • Description According to legends and myths, Tombiruo is a magical creature who controls the forest and is feared by the humans. But in truth, Tombiruo is a rebellious man who doesn't look human and is burdened with uncontrollable magical power. His power is so strong that he has to cover his face with a mask in order to hide his troubles and loneliness. When his father is killed during the construction of a dam, Tombiruo swears to avenge his father by looking for those responsible for his death.


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