Uncle Hirams List (1911)

Uncle Hirams List


  • Genre Comedy, Short
  • Release Date
  • Country United States
  • Directed by Oscar Apfel
  • Rating 0 / 10 (0 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast William West, Yale Boss, Margery Bonney Erskine, Shirley Mason, Charles Ogle, Robert Brower, Alice Washburn, Richard Neill, James Gordon
  • Description Uncle Hiram is the oldest resident of the village, and has appointed himself public censor. To this end he institutes the "skunk list," to which he adds from day to day the names of those who trespass beyond his ideas of the lines of proper decorum. One day Jimmie Long is playing marbles, when a boy considerably older attempts to take them from him. Jimmie resents this and in the fight that follows, he lays his opponent low by striking him with a club. Uncle Hiram seeing this, though not knowing the cause, puts Jimmie on the skunk list as a coward. All pleas are in vain, and when his sweetheart scorns him, Jimmie is heartbroken. He can't eat and at night his bed is surrounded by goblins who jeer at him in fiendish glee for being a coward. Jimmie resolves to redeem his good name and to this end proceeds to lick most of the boys in the village. But Uncle Hiram refuses to erase his name. Jimmie rescues a puppy, which a man is about to drown. Again Uncle Hiram refuses. Finally Jimmie is ...


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