Yi tian tu long ji (1986) ()

Yi tian tu long ji

Movie Info

  • Genre Action, Drama
  • Country Hong Kong, China
  • Rating 8.2 / 10 (94 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Kitty Lai, Sheren Tang, Simon Yam, Carol 'Do Do' Cheng, Ying Choi Cheung, Tiet Wo Chu, Wong Chun, Bik-Kin Ho, Shiu Hung Hui, Eddy Ko, Miu-si Ko, Hon Chi Lai
  • Description This is the third chapter of Jin Yong's famous trilogy which also includes Legend of the Condor Heroes and Return of the Condor Heroes. Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre tells a story of Zhang Wu Ji's (or Chang Mo Kei or Thio Bu Ki, depending on the different Chinese dialects) adventure from an ordinary man to an accomplished martial artist and all around hero. During this adventure, he met Zhao Min, a cunning but beautiful Mongolian princess and Zhao Zhi Ruo, a seemingly sweet priestess in training. These two, as well as many other characters in the series, provide the majority of conflict for Wu Ji's adventure.

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