Z (1969)


  • Genre Drama, Crime, History
  • Release Date
  • Country France, Algeria
  • Directed by Costa-Gavras
  • Writer credits Ben Barzman, Costa-Gavras, Jorge Semprún, Vasilis Vasilikos
  • Rating 8.2 / 10 (19810 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Clotilde Joano, Habib Reda, Renato Salvatori, Magali Noël, Julien Guiomar, Marcel Bozzuffi, Bernard Fresson, Georges Géret, Pierre Dux, Charles Denner, Jacques Perrin, François Périer, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Irene Papas, Yves Montand
  • Produced by Eric Schlumberger, Ahmed Rachedi, Jacques Perrin, Philippe d'Argila
  • Description In a mid-sized metropolis (population 500,000) in a right-wing military led country, a pacifist organization, which supports the opposition party in the government, is planning on holding an anti-military, nuclear disarmament rally. The organization's charismatic leader - the deputy - is scheduled to arrive in the town from the capital the day of the rally. Beyond the problems arranging the rally due to the probable incitement of violence at such a rally, the organization learns of an unconfirmed report that there will be an attempt on the deputy's life. The rally does happen, after which a three-wheeled kamikaze runs over the deputy, who eventually passes away from his injuries. The official report is that the incident was a drunken accident. In reality, the deputy's death was murder orchestrated by the secret police, the general for who likens the pacifist organization to mildew killing off agricultural crops. A magistrate is assigned to the case. Although he does have political ...


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