Zeitprobleme: wie der Arbeiter wohnt (1930)

Zeitprobleme: wie der Arbeiter wohnt


  • Genre Documentary
  • Country Germany
  • Directed by Slatan Dudow
  • Rating 7.1 / 10 (24 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Description This documentary shows how the Berliner workers lived in 1930. The director Slatan Dudow shows through images: a) the workers leaving the factory; b) the raise of the rents; c) the "unpleasant" guest, meaning the justice officer that brings the eviction notice; d) the fight of classes of the houses of capitalists and working classes; e) the parks of the working class; f) the houses of the working class, origin of the tuberculosis and the victims; g) the playground of the working class; h) the swimming pool for the working class, ironically called the "Baltic Sea" of the working class; i) the effects of humidity of basement where a family lives, with one member deaf; j) one working class family having dinner while the capitalist baths his dog; k) the eviction notice received from an unemployed family and their eviction.


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